Meet EXO’s Cutest New Manager Who Charmed Fans Everywhere

Here’s all we know about the new manager everyone’s talking about!

EXO-L’s love for their boys is well-known all around the world, but they’re now hyping up their new manager as well! They blew up over a picture of EXO’s new manager Choi Woojin standing next to Chanyeol and Sehun:

And he’s been steadily gaining popularity ever since! Devoted EXO-Ls dug deep into the internet and found his instagram (@___jtonic)

His followers went from 1k to 53.9k overnight!

Fans have been going crazy over his visuals and crazy proportions, many claiming he could even be an idol; he’s that good-looking!

Let’s appreciate EXO’s manager (visuals and all) together!




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