Meet the First 20 Contestants from Produce 101

A list has been released of all the contestants taking part in the second season of Produce 101.

Produce 101 has just started to air and with so many male trainees taking part, it can be difficult to remember all of them. To help viewers familiarize themselves with the competing trainees, a twitter account has been formed specifically for the show and it has a list of all participating trainees on it.

Here’s a list of the first 20 trainees!

장문복 Jang Moon Bok

DOB: 1995.04.11
Agency: ONO Entertainment

키드 몬스터 Kid Monster

DOB: 1993.10.15
Agency: K.O Sound (HOTSHOT)

펀치 Punch

DOB: 2002.1.17
Agency: Brave Entertainment

이우진 Lee Woo Jin

DOB: 2003.04.02
Agency: Media Line Entertainment (The East Light)

아톰 A-Tom

DOB: 1995.5.23
Agency: Hunus Entertainment (Topp Dogg)

임우혁 IM’Fact

DOB: 1994.11.30
Agency: Blessings Entertainment (High Tension)

산청 San Cheong

DOB: 1993.5.14
Agency: Jackie Chan Group Korea (JJCC)

율 Yul

DOB: 1992.2.27
Agency: Jackie Chan Group Korea (JJCC)

김태동 Kim Taedong

DOB: 1997.11.7
Agency: Unknown

김태민 Kim Taemin

DOB: 1995
Agency: Hanahreum Company

이인수 Lee In Soo

DOB: 1996.1.16
Agency: Unknown

윤용빈 Yoon Yong Bin

DOB: 1995.11.27
Agency: Banana Culture Entertainment

이대휘 Lee Dae Hwi

DOB: 2001

Agency: Brand New Music

이유진 Lee You Jin

DOB: April 6
Agency: Namoo Actors

강다니엘 Kang Daniel

DOB: 96.12.10
Agency: B2M Entertainment

변현민 Byun Hyun Min

DOB: 99.4.17
Agency: K-Tigers

홍은기 Hong Eun Ki

DOB: 1997
Agency: Make Star Entertainment

권현빈 Kwon Hyun Bin

DOB: 97.3.4
Agency: YG K+ Entertainment

이의웅 (Lee Woong)

DOB: 2001
Agency: Jellyfish Entertainment

최태웅 Choi Tae Woong

DOB: 93.1.6
Agency: B2M Entertainment

Source: Twitter