Meet Koo Young Hoe: The first Korean-born NFL player in 30 years

South Korean-born Koo Young Hoe has been signed to the Los Angeles Chargers as the team’s kicker.

Image Source: NBC

Koo Young Hoe used to play soccer in Korea before coming to America, where he decided to give American football a try.

Image Source: Chargers

He came to America at the age of 12 but struggled to adapt to the culture and the language.

Image Source: @younghoekoo

Through sports, he was able to overcome the language and cultural barriers as he played for his school’s football team.

While playing at his school, a video of him performing a trick shot went viral as it showcased his exceptional skills.

Now, he’s signed to the Los Angeles Chargers, and is the fourth ever Korean-born NFL player, alongside John Lee (St. Louis Cardinals), Hines Ward (Pittsburgh Steelers), and Kyle Love (Carolina Panthers).

Image Source: Pittsburgh Steelers

We look forward to seeing his games during NFL season!

Image Source: LA Times

Source: Yahoo Sports