Meet K-Pop’s First Ever Russian Idol Whose Visuals Will Stun You Senseless

She’s absolutely gorgeous.

Svetlana, who also goes by just Lana, is working nonstop to become K-Pop’s first ever Russian idol member. She has been training for 2 years, potentially under little-known agency HICC Entertainment, in vocals and dance performance skills before she makes her debut in May. Not only that, but she is also working on collecting songs for her debut. Few details are known about her debut, such as whether she will debut as a soloist or in a group.


But what is shocking everyone is not just the fact that she is Russian, but her stunning visuals combined with Korean fluency, with many of her Korean fans calling her a goddess, and it’s not hard to see why! Oh yeah, she isn’t mixed, she’s full Russian.


Many fans have also mentioned that she resembles some of the most visually gifted female idols, including DIA‘s Chaeyeon, and that she is instant stan material, just from her beauty.


She is no stranger to television though! In the past, she has appeared on variety shows such as JTBC’s “Abnormal Summit”, MBC Every1’s “Welcome, First Time in Korea?”, tvN’s “Problematic Man”, and KBS’s Russia World Cup Soccer special.


After mentioning that she started to learn Korean just by listening to Koreans speak it in the library, the sky’s the limit to her potential, thanks to her absolute brilliance in learning new skills.

Source: Sports Seoul
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