Meet Ted and James, The Two North Korean Soldiers Who Are White

Hong Soon Chul and Hong Chul are the new faces of the North Korean army, and they don’t look like what you’d expect.

If anything, Hong Soon Chul and Hong Chul, or Ted and James, look like average Joes from anywhere America.

What makes them different is that Hong Soon Chul is faculty at a North Korean military school while Hong Chul is a ranking officer in its army.

But believe it or not, these two all-American looking men, who were the subject of a recent interview by a pro-North Korea broadcasting system, are North Koreans, if not to the bone, to the deepest depths of their minds.

The brothers spoke about their love for North Korea, Kim Jung Un, and the United States as “the enemy”.

“The enemy (the U.S.) is threatening us with nukes, so we’re making nukes to protect our nation.”

— Hong Chul

Their answers to the question, “What are your personal dreams?“, sounded much like something out of North Korean textbooks.

Hong Soon Chul: This is my most precious dream. I want to repay my debts to the most honorable leader, Kim Jung Un.

Hong Chul: My life goal and purpose is to protect the comrade supreme commander.

While most were shocked, some international press and other observers commented that it’s impossible to know if what the brothers are speaking their minds or if they are reading off a script.

These brothers, who might just be the first ever American-North Korean, were born in the North to an American soldier who defected in the 50’s and a Romanian mother.

Watch the full clip below.