Meet “The Weeknd” of Korea And The Reason Why Idols Absolutely Love Him

There are few as talented as Mikey Kim, better known as Chancellor, in the world of music. The incredibly talented producer, director, and artist is now ready to take on global charts with his new track, MURDA.

Chancellor, being called The Weeknd of Korea, is no doubt just as talented as the chart-topping American hip-hop/R&B artist. Chancellor has produced some of the greatest hits in K-Pop since becoming heavily involved in the industry.

His magic touch has given the music industry songs such as A Pink’s “Mr. Chu”,  SISTAR’s “Loving You,” “Give It To Me,”  “Shake It,” Girl’s Day’s “Something,” and B.A.P’s “Stop It”. These are just some of the hits that Chancellor has had a hand in crafting.

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Chancellor’s influence doesn’t stop at the songs and artists he works with. His distinctly unique style has created waves across the industry. Producers have had to step their game up. Artists have to do better to stand a chance at receiving one of his ‘instant-hit’ songs.

The talented artist shot K-Pop fans spotlight after revealing himself to the public on stage for the first time in years. His appearance on the TV Program, “King of Masked Singers” left judges and fans in absolute awe. It’s an absolute must watch.

Now, it’s finally time for him to shine and show his real colors as an artist. Chancellor revealed in the past that he missed the stage dearly and can’t wait to release songs as an artist again.

This is where his masterpiece song, MURDA comes to play. The song features one of the hottest rappers in Korea, dok2 and truly shows what a transformational stage K-Pop is at, as an industry.

The song gives off some serious Weeknd vibes, which is where the comparisons are coming in. Check out the music video below:

It’s impossible to listen to this song and not want to just immediately start a playlist of his best songs. We got you, fam. Check out some of his other amazing songs below:

Chancellor on his soothing vibe:

We’ll finish off with Chancellor grooving hard with the amazing Bumkey and SON E GA.

Well, just kidding. Here’s one more. This is just an absolute must listen for anyone who’s from California or Los Angeles, specifically. Damn good.

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