Meet Yang Jong Kye The Genius Behind The World Famous “Korean Chicken”

Korean people love fried chicken, and Korean chicken is one of the most popular foods in Korea.

This man, Yang Jong Kye, may be called a hero to all Koreans as he developed the recipe for Yangnyeom Chicken back in 1980.

He was running a fried chicken restaurant in Daegu when he realized that customers would stop eating before the chicken was finished and he wondered why.

“I asked them why they were not eating the chicken. They told me that the chicken smelled, and that it became hard to chew when it got cold.”

— Yang Jong Kye

To satisfy his customers, he started looking for ways to make his chicken taste better.

One day, an old lady in his town told him to try adding cornstarch to make his chicken crispy and sweet.

He listened and added spices like garlic and spring onion to the cornstarch and made his secret sauce.

People loved the new chicken he made, and many people came running to him asking for franchise opportunities.

Since then, all the other fried chicken restaurants started selling chicken with spicy sauce, and it quickly became a nation-wide favorite!

Source: Dispatch