Meiqi And Xuanyi’s Agencies Finally Come To A Decision Between Cosmic Girls And Rocket Girls

After a series of conflicting statements between the two agencies, a compromise has finally been reached.

An official announcement has been made stating that Cosmic GirlsMeiqi and Xuanyi will be participating in promotions for both Cosmic Girls and Rocket Girls.

Rocket Girls is the girl group formed through the Chinese version of survival reality program, Produce 101.


It was previously announced that Meiqi and Xuanyi had officially left Rocket Girls, despite the fact that they ranked 1st and 2nd place on the Chinese Produce 101 debut ranking. The decision stemmed from a conflict in the contracts between Starship Entertainment (Cosmic Girls’ agency) and Tencent (Rocket Girls’ agency).

Meiqi And Xuanyi Disbands From Rocket Girls To Focus On Cosmic Girls


Meiqi and Xuanyi had even shared posts on their Weibo account referring to their disbandment from the group.

“All things require growth. I’m thankful for have been together. Wind and rain rush our paths. I harbor no resentment or regret.”

ㅡ Meiqi via Weibo

“Tacit understanding, together forever. Fresh start. Gratitude. Let’s be myself.”

ㅡ Xuanyi via Weibo


According to reports from August 17th, however, Yuehua Entertainment (partner of Starship Entertainment) released an official statement confirming that the two idols will be participating in promotions for both idol groups.

“After long negotiations with Tencent in regard to Meiqi and Xuanyi’s forthcoming promotions, we have achieved a dramatic compromise which will allow them to promote with both Cosmic Girls and Rocket Girls.

Tencent has stuck to their demands for the idols to promote with only Rocket Girls, but Yuehua Entertainment has concluded the idols’ promotions with both groups through consistent negotiations with Tencent for the fans and related persons of both countries who love Meiqi and Xuanyi.

Meiqi and Xuanyi will return to Rocket Girls and continue group promotions while participating in the promotions of Cosmic Girls as well. We will provide larger spaces and stages for the artists through cordial and efficient communication with Tencent on all issues related to the two idols and both Meiqi and Xuanyi will repay their fans with great results.”

ㅡ Yuehua Entertainment


Fans are excited about Meiqi and Xuanyi’s return to the Rocket Girls and look forward to their upcoming promotions!

Source: Star News, Ilgan Sports and My Daily

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