“Be Melodramatic” Main Actress Han Ji Eun And Rapper Hanhae Confirmed To Be Dating

However… the two agencies have differing statements.

Actress Han Ji Eun, who has risen to fame in JTBC‘s drama Be Melodramatic, has been confirmed to have been dating rapper Hanhae for around 8 months.

The two met late in 2018 through mutual acquaintances, and began dating in December 2018. Although Han Ji Eun was busy with her drama and movie appearances, and Hanhae has been serving in the military since February 2019, the two have been able to still go on dates and joy each other’s company.

Han Ji Eun’s agency, HB Entertainment, confirmed the news back on July 15, stating that it was true they were dating. Hanhae’s agency, Brand New Music, initially denied the news, but reversed their position when confirming with Hanhae himself. They asked that the release of the news be delayed.

Hanhae is currently in the military, there is no way that is true. [Initial statement].

After confirming with Hanhae himself, it is true that they are dating, but because he is in the military, we want to be cautious of putting the dating label on him. Please delay the timing of the article release until the end of the year.

— Brand New Music

When checking in on the two celebrity’s relationship again on August 5, Brand New Music confirmed they were still dating. Just 3 days later, they reversed their stance again, saying they broke up.

We talked with Hanhae yesterday, August 7, and he told us that while they have not broken up, it’s sort of like that state.

— Brand New Music

Upon hearing this HB Entertainment said their break up is groundless, and they are still dating.

The report of Han Ji Eun and Hanhae breaking up is groundless.

— HB Entertainment

In response, Brand New Music said they were just relaying what Hanhae said.

Hanhae told us that they broke up, we did not lie.

— Brand New Music

But finally, today, August 12, Brand New Music once again confirmed the two are dating.

It’s true the two are dating but because he is currently serving in the military, it’s difficult to confirm the details.

— Brand New Music

Source: Sports Chosun, MBN and NewsCulture