Here’s The Member Who Fits Red Velvet’s New Elegant Concept The Best, According To Irene

One member of the group absolutely shines in this concept!

Red Velvet are well-known for the amazing number of concepts they’ve tried out over their 8-year long career, but their recent comeback has proven how they’re always up for impressing fans with even more innovative ones!

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Red Velvet recently made their comeback with their new album The ReVe Festival 2022-Feel My Rhythm, and wowed fans with their elegant and gorgeous visuals!

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They also held an online press conference for their comeback, and talked about their many concepts, longevity as a group, and more!

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With regard to their comeback this time, the members presented themselves as beautiful ballerinas, nailing the poses and outfits perfectly!

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Irene then revealed that according to her, Seulgi was an absolute natural as a ballerina, bringing with her an elegant charm to the concept!

Irene | SM Entertainment

Seulgi was extremely pretty when we did the shoot for the ballerina concept. She had a different charm. All five of us showed very different vibes. Seulgi has this oriental charm.


Seulgi | SM Entertainment

And it’s true! Seulgi absolutely crushed it as a ballerina!

You can watch the MV for Red Velvet’s latest comeback “Feel My Rhythm” here!

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