Member Gunwoo takes charge in MYNAME’s latest single as composer and lyricist

MYNAME recently published the full tracklist to their upcoming single “Say It,” revealing that member Gunwoo took part in the majority of the tracks’ creations.

Revealed on May 5th, the 4th single album will compose of five total tracks, including “Get Ready,” “Say It,” “I Love My Girl,” “OO PARTS,” and “I Must Have Slept Too Little.”

Looking more closely at the tracklist, member Gunwoo’s name is credited in all the tracks, not including “Get Ready,” as both the composer and lyricist. 220VOLT is also named in the title track “Say It” and “I Love My Girl.”

In addition, members Seyong and JunQ participated in the creation of the lyrics for the last track “I Must Have Slept Too Little.”

Look out for the single to be released on May 13th.


Posted by MYNAME on Monday, May 4, 2015