Here’s Where The Members Of Aespa Are In Their Fight Against The “Black Mamba”, According To Winter

After beginning their story with “Black Mamba”, here’s the next stage of aespa’s battle against the villain!

Aespa released their next ground-breaking song “Savage”, and Winter revealed where the song stands in the narrative of their lore!


aespa recently released their first mini-album Savage with a title track of the same name, and held an online press conference for their new comeback!


After beginning the story of their battle against the villain with “Black Mamba”…

…and continuing their journey with “Next Level”…

Winter reveals that their new song “Savage” is just the next stage of their battle against the Black Mamba, the villain in the SM Cultural Universe (SMCU)! In “Savage” the members have finally reached “Kwangya” (the alternate dimension where Black Mamba resides), and join hands with Naevis, who will help them fight against the villain.

We’ve finally arrived at Kwangya. We’re joined by our (artificial intelligence) helper Navis, who will assist us in our battle against Black Mamba.


Join aespa in their fight against Black Mamba in their “Savage” MV here!

Source: The Korea Herald