MBLAQ members relay their frustration and grief regarding recent trophy incident

The mysterious case of how MBLAQ‘s #1 trophies could have possibly ended up at a flea market continues to trend with the members themselves voicing out their reaction.

On October 25th, an official from J.Tune Camp tells Dispatch“MBLAQ found out about this prior to media reports. They are very sorry towards fans.” 

Currently, members G.O and Mir are serving in the military. Despite being away from the public’s eyes during their service, the agency reveals that both members came across the witness’s story and photos of their trophies and expressed how heart broken they were.

Just a few days ago on the 23rd, a fan posted on an online community board, revealing her find at a local flea market: several of MBLAQ’s music show trophies including their very first one from M! Countdown and one from the talk show Strong Heart as well as copies of albums signed by the members.

After some follow-ups, J.Tune Camp revealed that they had moved offices two months ago, storing some of the belongings with a moving company for safe keeping during the transition. Somehow, the trophies were lost from the company’s keep and found their way to the flea market.

The agency adds, “The employees are extremely busy retrieving the lost items,” apologizing once again for the mishap.

Source: Dispatch