MONSTA X Test Negative For COVID-19

They were all tested after a staff member tested positive.

K-Pop idol group MONSTA X went under preemptive testing after a staff member was diagnosed with COVID-19. According to Starship Entertainment, “Recently, a staff member tested positive for COVID-19 during a recent filming site.”

Below is the full statement.

Hello this is Starship Entertainment. Recently, a staff member at the filming site was confirmed positive for COVID-19. We preemptively conducted a PCR test, which resulted in a positive COVID-19 test for one staff member.

⁠— Starship Entertainmnent

The MONSTA X members and the rest of the staff all tested negative. All members of MONSTA X have been vaccinated against COVID-19. We will continue to abide by the guidelines of the health authorities and strive to manage quarantine for the health and safety of our artists. Thank you.

⁠— Starship Entertainmnent

Source: xportsnews