The Members Of TXT Each List Out What They Believe Is Their Biggest Strength

They have a lot of individual strengths!

The lovely members of TXT recently did a handsome pictorial and interview for 1st Look Korea! In their interview, each of the members shared what they believe are some of their biggest strengths.

The members of TXT seem to be talented in everything they do, however, the members shared in their interview that they are stronger in some things than others. To start off, Taehyun revealed one of his strengths is his consistency.

Something that I constantly reflect on and try to follow is ‘to be a person that acts truthfully.’ I like how consistent I am. I never say something that is not truthful in my heart or act inconsistently. It’s not just me, I think all the members act like that. There has never been a single time when we weren’t since while standing on stage in front of the camera or in terms of music in general. Moving forward, I’ll make sure to follow this in the future as well.

— Taehyun

As for the group’s leader, Soobin praised his efforts in self-care. Since his debut, Soobin shared his heart has grown stronger!

While it’s not complete, I want to compliment myself for taking care of myself. Honesty, at the start of our debut, I had a very tender-hearted personality so there were a lot of times that I was influenced by ups and downs. Through many experiences and by going through many emotions, I think my heart has grown very strong now. I believe that you have to become increasingly stronger and healthier to ripe like a well-ripened fruit.

— Soobin

Beomgyu started off by clarifying how he believes he still lacks in several areas. Because of this mindset, Beomgyu commented that he wants to be open to as much as possible.

To say, ‘Strengths,’ there is still several things that I am lacking in but, I try to be open to everything. I want to be someone who is flexible and who is not bound to a frame.

— Beomgyu

The group’s oldest member Yeonjun revealed that he has been learning to love himself more and has even gained more confidence over the years.

Currently, I am trying my best to become someone who knows self-love. Honestly, I didn’t love myself a lot when I was younger. I would merely focus on what I lacked and I didn’t have self-confidence as well. However, slowly and steadily, as I started receiving love from a lot of people as I practiced and started doing promotions, I gained confidence for myself as well. That’s why I want to discover better things about myself and compliment myself, even if it’s deliberately.

— Yeonjun

Last but not least, the group’s maknae Hueningkai mentioned his optimistic outlook on life to be a great strength of his!

I’m someone who enjoys and loves the present to the max, more than anyone else. It’s because ordinary days build up and make a special meaning. I don’t get influenced even when rough or difficult situations come my way and I try my best to fill up every day faithfully. As long as I am enjoying the day’s performance to the be best I can.

— Hueningkai


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