Here Are The Most Memorable Performances Of The Year, According To TXT’s Soobin And OH MY GIRL’s Arin

Do you agree with their picks?

Many K-Pop groups make a comeback each year, but which performance stood out the most to the MCs of popular music programs?

TXT‘s Soobin and OH MY GIRL‘s Arin are the current MCs of KBS‘s music program Music Bank.

Recently, they held an interview to talk about their experiences in the past year. One of the questions they were asked was, “Is there a performance from the first half of 2021 that was memorable for you?

Soobin chose Brave Girls‘ performances of their hit summer song “Rollin.'” He admitted that he was surprised to see the surge in their popularity years after their debut.

For me, it was when Brave Girls came back again. It was surprising to see them regain their popularity after a few years and return to music shows.

— Soobin

Moreover, he admires them for giving hope to idols who can relate to their past hardships.

Also, climbing back up the chart wasn’t all they did. Their success was something that gave hope to some people. I think that’s why it was heartwarming and memorable for me.

— Soobin

Much to Arin’s embarrassment, Soobin proceeded to dance to “Rollin'” with a happy smile on his face.

Arin then gave her pick for most memorable performance, and she chose her own group’s “Dun Dun Dance.”

I’m going to choose ‘Dun Dun Dance’ by OH MY GIRL.

— Arin

Like Soobin, Arin also gave a short performance of the song.

Do you agree that “Rollin'” and “Dun Dun Dance” are the most memorable performances of the year?

See more of Soobin and Arin’s interview in the video below.