MERS scare hits the entertainment industry

With MERS on the mind of everyone in South Korea, even the entertainment industry has begun to take precautions in preventing the disease from spreading. 

Ever since the MERS epidemic hit the country several days ago, Koreans have been especially careful in protecting themselves. The most noticeable thing that has been happening is the increasing use of face masks, but with concern growing every day, people are beginning to take more drastic precautions.

Starship Entertainment’s Mad Clown and Junggigo cancelled their joint concert originally scheduled to take place on Saturday June 6th to prevent the spread of the disease. Since the disease claimed the lives of two patients, Korean citizens have been warned to stay away from tightly populated areas, such as concert venues.

Rather than being upset about the cancellation of the concert, and possibly others to come, netizens have responded rather positively, praising the artists’ companies for their concern for the lives and health of fans.

1. [+761, -16] Realistic decision. Good choice.

2. [+670, -36] I work at a sauna and I see so many dumb people. They come in wearing face masks obviously because of the MERS scare but why even bother coming to a public sauna then ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They get into tubs that dozens of people have been in, wash up, and put their masks back on. Hopeless.

3. [+352, -8] I think if they don’t get this MERS thing figured out until July~August, then the Pentaport Rock Festivals will be canceled in Ansan too.. along with other concerts and I wonder what will happen to the music shows.. and real varieties..

Source: Star News and OSEN