Mexican ARMYs act as bodyguards to protect BTS at airport

Mexican A.R.M.Y.‘s showed what it means to be a fan as they became human barricades for the group when they arrived in Mexico.

Mexican A.R.M.Y.’s received an enormous amount of praise after video captured the fanbase acting as a barricade for BTS as they arrived in Mexico for K-CON Mexico.

A.R.M.Y.’s on Twitter were thrilled with the news of the kind welcome and praised the Mexican A.R.M.Y. for respecting BTS’s personal space.

The video showed the fans with their hands linked together to create a barrier of safe space and gave the group plenty of room to walk through the airport without being crowded.

This was definitely an amazing act of kindness, and especially, was an example of model fan behavior.

Watch the amazing moment below.

BTS will be continuing their sold out Wings Tour in São Paulo, Brazil. From there, they will travel to the U.S. to perform 5 sold out nights. It seems that BTS are aiming to meet as many fans as possible with this tour.