MFBTY announces March comeback with BTS’s Rap Monster

Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, and Bizzy‘s hip-hop project group MFBTY will release a comeback album in March 2015, this time featuring Rap Monster of BTS.

This will be MFBTY’s first album since 2013, as the individual members had taken on solo activities in the last year. Most recently, Yoon Mi Rae released her solo track “Angel,” which topped several music charts in December 2014.

The new MFBTY album is still in the works, but the recording for the track featuring Rap Monster is reportedly complete. According to representatives, “Tiger JK was extremely surprised by Rap Monster’s rap skills during the recording.

Though many are unaware of this fact, the BTS leader has been known for his rapping skills since his middle school days with a background in the South Korean underground hip-hop scene. With his dual talent in rapping as well as producing, many see Rap Monster as the next hip-hop idol artist to follow the ranks of Block B‘s Zico.

Meanwhile, fans are anxious to see how this collaboration between the veteran hip-hop group and idol rapper will turn out. Music video director Lumpens recently revealed a teaser of the new team with an Instagram photo of MFBTY and Rap Monster in the studio.

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Source: The Fact