Michael Jackson’s Former Boss Invites BTS and Luhan to Participate in the Legend’s 60th Birthday Tribute

What an honor!

BTS and Luhan have been given the honor of being invited to participate in Michael Jackson‘s 60th birthday tribute song, which will be release on August 29, Michael Jackson’s birthday.


Jerry Greenberg used to be the President and CEO of MJJ Music, which was Michael Jackson’s record label. He worked with the worldwide star for over 10 years on a very personal level.


To maintain Michael Jackson’s legacy, Jerry Greenberg invited artists from all over the world to participate in a tribute song for Michael Jackson, including BTS and Luhan.

“Michael continues to influence artists from around the world, so I’ve invited some of the biggest global artists to take part in this very special project, including BTS and Luhan from China, among others. My hope is to keep legacy alive, for many generations to come, and this project celebrates Michael’s global contribution to music and dance.”

— Jerry Greenberg


Watch the full invitation below: