Michelle Phan and other YouTubers spotted at BTS concert

Famous beauty guru and YouTuber Michelle Phan showed the world that she is an A.R.M.Y. by posting videos of BTS‘s WINGS Tour concert in Anaheim.

BTS had the Anaheim stops of their WINGS Tour concert on April 1 and 2, which well-known beauty Michelle Phan’s attended. She posted photos on Instagram and treated her followers to some clips of BTS’s concert.

Fellow YouTubers Karen Yeung, Promise Phan, and Cydnee Black also attended the concert and posted clips on their Instagram stories. They had all gone together, with specially coordinated matching tracksuit outfits for the occasion, and even took a commemorative photo showing their support for the event.

This shows BTS’s amazing ability to draw anyone into their fandom and gives them more names to add to their list of celebrity fans. K-Pop continues to make its way into the YouTube community as fellow YouTuber Ryan Higa‘s parody group Boys Generally Asian were said to have modeled BTS in their recent video!