Microdot Illegally Recorded Conversation During Negotiations With Victim

“Did we record anything useful?”

Microdot has been in the spotlight for illegally recording the conversation that occurred during negotiations with the victims of his parents’ fraud.

According to JB News, Microdot visited Victim A, who lives in Jaecheon, 3 days ahead of his parents’ first hearing to negotiate an agreement.


Victim A revealed that Microdot came to the office he/she works at and offered a settlement.

Microdot came to the office I work at with his relatives. He asked to settle but we eventually refused.

ㅡ Victim A


The victim continued to explain what happened after he left the office. Victim A apparently overheard Microdot talking to someone about the illegal recording he took during their conversation.

Afterwards, Microdot’s acquaintance left the office and I went down to the warehouse below the building where I overheard a male voice beyond the shutter. It was Mirodot’s voice. He said, ‘Did we record anything useful?’ I heard his acquaintance reply, ‘We can’t use the beginning part, it’ll be unfavorable for us.’

ㅡ Victim A


The victim stated that he/she was not told that any of their conversations would be recorded and revealed that they discovered Microdot had hired a famous and very expensive lawyer for his parents’ case.

He did not say that he would record our conversation at the time. We would probably make mistakes too if they came and said various things. Things like getting angry or saying we wouldn’t take the money. It turns out, they hired a lawyer from a famous law firm in Seoul. The legal fees for the law firm is known to be around 100M-200M KRW ($85,000-170,000 USD).

ㅡ Victim A


The victim claimed that Microdot was using the recording as preparations for returning to the entertainment industry.

It seems like he is trying to recover his image by making the people who simply don’t want to settle rigid victims who only want money. (My) family members have died and are hurt because of his parents. We can never forgive them for money.

ㅡ Victim A


Meanwhile, Microdot’s parents were arrested and charged on June 3 for borrowing a large sum of money from their acquaintances in their hometown and fleeing the country.

Source: Dispatch