Rapper Microdot’s Parents Accused Of Scamming Dozens Out Of Nearly $2 Million

Victims demand compensation.

Rapper Microdot’s parents have recently been accused of scamming dozens out of approximately 2 billion KRW ($1.77 million USD) 20 years ago.


Numerous posts that claim they have been scammed by Microdot’s parents have recently been surfacing and catching the attention of netizens.


20 years ago, I was living in Songhak-myeon, Jaecheon-si.

At the time, Microdot’s parents were running a cow farm and because it was a small village, everyone knew each other and were close.

Starting from some point in time, Microdot’s parents began borrowing money from the neighbors and even had some get loans for them. Then they sold the farm and fled during the night.

The village was suddenly in a state of panic.

Now, they’re saying they were scammed in New Zealand and talking about how much their house is, etc.
I hope they sell that house and return all of the debt they owe.”


According to these posts, Microdot’s parents, who used to run a cow farm, had fled during the night after borrowing money from neighbors and acquaintances.

“Our family is also a victim.
Microdot’s father ran a big cow farm in Songhak and apparently borrowed money from dozens of people and fled during the night. I heard it was about 2 billion KRW ($1.7 million USD). (including bank loans) My father also says he lent them 20 million won ($17,700 USD). He was probably distressed after going through such an experience.
It wasn’t only us that lent money. There are some who have even passed away during the time.
My parents were forgetting about the incident but ended up learning that their children had become celebrities that are on television.
I don’t know if it is still possible after 20 years but I would like to take things legally.
But my father knows as well. That we won’t be able to get the money back…But he does want to know why they did it and wants to hear an apology. I would’ve been furious if this happened to me.”


After selling their cow farm, Microdot’s family is said to have fled to New Zealand, where they currently live.

“I was so angry after hearing a fraud say they were scammed.

My friend’s family lent about 7 million KRW ($6,200 USD), which was a lot of my 20 years ago, but her parents said that there were families went completely bankrupt so they would probably be the ones to report them.

I tried to call the staff of the program to help too but because they didn’t pick up the phone, I am writing this post.

If there is any reporter or writer who’d like to hear more, please contact me.”


Posts claiming that they were victims of this fraud case began surfacing when Microdot’s parents appeared on an episode of The Fishermen and the City.


Those who were victimized immediately recognized Microdot’s parents who had suddenly disappeared 20 years ago and are now demanding that they be properly compensated.


Meanwhile, Microdot’s agency has stated that the rumors are not true and that they will be taking legal action against those that are spreading them.

“Microdot’s parent’s fraud rumors are not true. We are currently preparing to press charges for defamation of character.”

ㅡ Microdot’s Agency

Source: TV Report and My Daily