Microsoft Is Just As Excited As We Are For TWICE’s Comeback

Who would have guessed that Microsoft was a ONCE?

TWICE recently dropped the teasers for their comeback album, “FANCY YOU”.

ONCEs fell in love with the stunning visuals of the girls — but a ONCE pointed out thatΒ Tzuyu‘s dress looked like it was painted with the Windows application, Microsoft Paint.

Microsoft‘s official twitter account caught wind of the tweet, and replied.

In response, a ONCE on twitter begged Microsoft to “stan twice”, linking a video of Jihyo dancing to their hit single, “YES or YES”.

Microsoft then revealed that they were indeed a ONCE!

Microsoft took time to reply to ONCEs, sharing everything from their bias to their favourite title track.

TWICE will be back with their 7th mini album, “FANCY YOU”, on the 22nd of April.

Source: Topstarnews