Microsoft Windows Shows Love To MONSTA X’s Joohoney In An Unexpected Interaction

Windows is a Monbebe?

Windows, of the tech corporation Microsoft, just had a total MONBEBE moment on Twitter, and fans are loving the attention MONSTA X‘s Joohoney is getting from it.

MONSTA X’s Joohoney | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

It started with a tweet from 2020 that the Windows Twitter account replied to. The tweet read, “Us trying to Play It Cool when we see Jooheon” and referenced MONSTA X and Steve Aoki’s 2019 release “Play It Cool.”

A fan quote retweeted it and said, “Y’all even Windows is whipped for Jooheon.”

Windows replied, “Jooheon is everyone’s bias whether they admit it or not 😏.”

MONBEBE were quite surprised by the unexpected interaction. In the midst of replying to actual tech related questions, the account manager continued replying to MONBEBE.

Windows replied to a tweet with Joohoney’s popular catchphrase, “Joohoney one hunnit!”

They also showed that they’re a total Joohoney stan with their reply to a MONBEBE who acknowledged that Windows was still a fan of the rapper two years later and said, “Love has no time limit. Especially for Lee Jooheon. ❤️”

Windows officially claimed Joohoney as their bias with a tweet that read, “A ✨proud✨ Joobebe!” Joobebe is, of course, a term combining Joohoney and MONBEBE.

They even referenced a Joohoney lyric from MONSTA X’s “FANTASIA” with the line, “Top of the top, our level is A! 😉”

One MONBEBE even suggested a collab between Windows and MONSTA X to which Windows replied, “Now there’s an idea… 🤔”

That is an idea.

It’s always fun to find K-Pop fans in unexpected places! Isn’t it? Who knows what it will be next.