Middle-Aged Actor Goes Viral For Allegedly Resembling BTS’s V and Infinite’s L

Do you see a resemblance?

A middle-aged actor is going viral for his alleged resemblance to none other than international heartthrobs BTS‘s V and Infinite‘s L.

It’s no secret that the idols are two of the most gorgeous-looking men on the planet today. The idols have gained fans in every corner of the world who fell in love with their handsome looks.

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That being said, many fans might wonder what the idols might look like 20-30 years down the road…And a middle-aged actor might hold the answer.

On March 29, a post went viral titled “The Male Actor Whose Face Resembles BTS V” quickly garnered views. In the post, the author uploads several photos of veteran actor Jo Sung Ha.

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Jo Sung Ha is an accomplished actor who has appeared in acclaimed dramas such as Agency, Lovers Of The Red Sky, and the Arthdal Chronicles.

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The author of the post then writes that, in their opinion, the actor resembled V.

The facial features aren’t like really similar, but they have a similar vibe.

— Netizen

Many netizens commented that they saw the resemblance as well, while some netizens stated the actor more closely resembled Infinite’s L.

  • “I wondered what the fuss was all about it until I saw that there was a resemblance! There is a resemblance!”
  • “There is a resemblance, LOL. Plus, that man is very handsome.”
  • “Ah, I think I see it too, LOL.”
  • “I see it, LOL.”
  • “I agree.”
  • “He’s handsome AF, but I see more L than V.”
  • “I can find a resemblance if I had to find one, but I also think he more closely resembles L, LOL. Ultimately, they are all good-looking.”
  • “I know what you are saying. They have strong facial features, and their placement is similar.”
  • “I think it’ll be good if he played V’s dad in a future movie or drama.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo