“Your Pants Are Too Short”: A Middle School Teacher In Korea Is Reported For Alleged Child Abuse For Commenting On A Student’s Attire

The teacher spoke out about it.

A middle school teacher in Korea was recently reported for alleged child abuse by parents after criticizing a student’s attire.

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On July 28, the Jeollanamdo Provincial Office of Education stated that the teacher, who taught at a middle school in the South Jeolla Province, was booked without detention last month on charges of child abuse after they pointed out to a female student that “[her] pants are too short.” The student’s side claimed that she felt humiliated when her teacher criticized her attire in front of other teachers, and they further alleged that the teacher habitually punished and verbally abused other students.

The teacher stated that they were just doing their job as the head of student affairs and is now receiving psychiatric treatment.

I only pointed out the inappropriate attire as the head of student affairs, but I was reported for child abuse and faced personal insults from the parents. I am currently receiving psychiatric treatment.

— The teacher in question

The school plans to remove the teacher from their classes and monitor the results of the police investigation. The School Disciplinary Committee has yet to convene about this issue.

Source: News1
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