“Midnight TV Entertainment” discusses Seohyun’s famous $17 dress

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun is praised for her frugal attitude after she was spotted wearing a $17 dress

On the July 15th broadcast of SBS Midnight TV Entertainment, a photo of Seohyun in a blue printed dress was a topic of their discussion. However, it was eventually noted that the dress was only bought $17, evidently praising the singer for her simple lifestyle.

Furthermore, the production team also spoke to the stylist of the group where she revealed that, “Seohyun bought that dress personally. She does not like to wear expensive clothes and prefers low-priced brands to match her status as a University student. In fact, she has a concept of economics.” 

Meanwhile, Seohyun currently joins Girls’ Generation as they embark on their promotional activities for “Party.”

Source: XSportsNews