Military Manpower Administration States They Did Not Receive Application For Seungri’s Military Deferment

His enlistment date is coming up soon.

On March 18, the Military Manpower Administration stated that they did not yet receive the documents regarding Seungri‘s military deferment.

Ki Chan Soo, head of the Military Manpower Administration, attended a general meeting of the National Defense Committee on this day and stated that they cannot legally defer Seungri’s military enlistment unless they receive an application.

If we don’t receive an application (for Seungri’s military deferment), we cannot legally defer (his enlistment).

ㅡ Ki Chan Soo


On March 14 following his 16-hour investigation, Seungri stated his intentions to request for a deferment in order to participate in his police investigations.

I have faithfully completed my investigation. From today, I plan to officially make a request to the Military Manpower Administration for a delay to my military enlistment. If I receive permission, I will delay my enlistment date and faithfully participate in the investigations until the end.

ㅡ Seungri


It appears, however, that Seungri has not yet submitted an application. In order for him to be granted a deferment, Seungri will have to submit the application by March 20th, 5 days before his enlistment date.




Source: MBN TV

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