MILLI’s Reaction To Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Changbin Talking About Her Is The Most Wholesome Thing You’ll See All Day

She’s a pre-debut STAY!

Since the release of the legendary collaboration that is “Mirror Mirror” by Thai rapper F.HERO, producer NINO, Thai soloist MILLI, and Stray KidsChangbin, there’s one thing that everyone cannot stop talking about.

From left: MILLI, F.HERO, and Changbin in “Mirror Mirror” single art. | High Cloud Entertainment

It’s MILLI and her sick flow. She impressed everyone as she rapped in Thai, Korean, and English seemingly effortlessly!


“ottoke ottoke”😮‍💨 #milli #fhero #changbin #mirrormirror #스트레이키즈

♬ กลิ้งแป๊ปแร็ปต่อ – MILLI

While everyone’s talking about her, she can’t stop talking about Stray Kids! Two days ago, she shared a snippet of a behind-the-scenes interview from the music video where Changbin mentioned her. Being a fan, she couldn’t believe he said her name!


She called him fucking hot I lost both of them !!! #xhanzr

♬ original sound – 🎄🎄CHRISTMAS 🎄🎄

On the same day, she held a live reaction upon seeing the videos of Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and Changbin talking about her. So, fans could see how she really was feeling about being noticed by her idols!

MILLI | @phuckitol/Instagram

MILLI was clearly crying from the beginning, and fans asked her to translate upon seeing her get emotional. She explained that she had seen the Stray Kids members talk about her, and it was too unbelievable for her as she has been a fan of theirs since pre-debut.

I am a K-Pop fan for like seven years … Right now, I’m 19. This is… impossible for me, you know … like I watched them before they debut to be an artist like Stray Kids. I watched their competition with … YG and JYP.


| @phuckitol/Instagram

For several minutes, she just fangirled, which was beyond understandable considering everything. We can’t blame her at all!

Oh my God. I cannot explain in words, no matter Thai or English. I cannot.


| @phuckitol/Instagram

During her live broadcast, she watched the new episode of Chan’s Room in which he listened to “Mirror Mirror.” During it, he explained that he knew of F.HERO because of GOT7‘s BamBam, but it was his first time hearing MILLI. He became an instant fan of hers!

It is the first time, but the impact I got from her rap was… unbelievable. And her color… itself is so good like, wow, I was actually really, really amazed.

— Bang Chan

| Stray Kids/VLIVE

When he said, “I feel I’m going to look for more of her work,” she appeared to ascend literally. So, naturally, she made a shameless plug for her music, which is available on music streaming platforms, of course!

I hope you guys like it!


| @phuckitol/Instagram

MILLI continued to watch his reaction, but she literally fell out of her chair when Bang Chan said that she was his new favorite female rapper. Talk about a successful fan!

I feel like MILLI is going to be my new favorite female rapper because this verse…

— Bang Chan

| @phuckitol/Instagram

MILLI expressed her unlimited gratitude for everyone who made “Mirror Mirror” possible. She added, “Right now, I’m still no one, but you guys know me.”

No words. No cap. I cannot explain in words, no matter Thai or English, but I have to say to you guys in English … that I have to thank … YUPP!, my entertainment to allow me to do this project that find me, give me a chance to be an artist in their company and I have to thank you, JYP, for allow me to feature with their artists. And the bassman, he like my dad, freaking hero, F.HERO.


| @phuckitol/Instagram

MILLI gained a lot of recognition for her flow in “Mirror Mirror.” She wrote her rap herself entirely in English, Thai, and Korean. Still, she gave credit to AUTTA, another artist from YUPP!, who coached her on how to rap it all in four hours. He said that it’s all because of him as he is a “genius.”

My flow as I rap, ‘Rap แบบ sixteen bang, Rap เล่นๆในบ้าน, One, two, three, four, five, Look at my teeth, say what I need, กระจก tell, Me นี่ MILLI Richy with this music ’cause she kill this beat, Di-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi, okay, bye.’ This flow … that’s true that I write as by myself, but this flow, flow is how I can rap… This flow I learned from AUTTA … I hope you guys go find him and listen to his music because he’s very talented…


| @phuckitol/Instagram

After her live broadcast, she also shared a clip from Chan’s Room, and her caption said it all.

She has an endless appreciation for High Cloud Entertainment, YUPP!, JYP Entertainment, Stray Kids, and fans. She is truly a talented and humble individual who deserves all of the success and love she receives right now!

Watch her reaction video below:

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