“Reply 1994” Actress Reveals Her Drastic Transformation With Hot Bikini Photo

She’s changed so much since “Reply 1994”!

Former member of Tiny G, Min Do Hee, rose to fame with her role from the hit drama series, Reply 1994. She was beloved for her petite frame and adorable tomboy look.


Once known for her cute, slim stature, Min Do Hee recently uploaded a photo that showed off a totally different side to herself!

Lounging on the poolside in Bangkok, she looked gorgeous in her black bikini as she lost much of her baby fat and changed up her makeup and hair style to look more feminine and mature.


She also revealed new photos that accentuated her new fit figure!


She was featured on a latest issue of Men’s Health Magazine, where she showcased her various fitness routines.


Through the pictorials she posted on Instagram, she showed off her fit body line, stunning abs, and toned muscles!


Her signature look from Reply 1994 was nowhere to be found!


Her transformation didn’t come over night! She’s been working out diligently for the past year!


From cute and petite to a fitness goddess! What can’t Min Do Hee do?!

Source: Newsen