ADOR’s Min Hee Jin Reveals She Felt “Betrayed” When HYBE Debuted LE SSERAFIM Before NewJeans

She even spoke of NewJeans’ parents.

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During a press conference on her feud with HYBEADOR CEO Min Hee Jin spoke about feeling betrayed after LE SSERAFIM debuted before NewJeans.

Min Hee Jin 3
ADOR’s Min Hee Jin at the press conference.

Ahead of the press conference, there was chatter among netizens about the link between Min Hee Jin and SOURCE MUSIC, which, unsurprisingly, led to a link between the creation of NewJeans and the debut of LE SSERAFIM. Many of these fans believed that LE SSERAFIM’s debut was rushed due to money being allocated to ADOR.

An Alleged Timeline Of ADOR Min Hee Jin’s Relationship With SOURCE MUSIC Angers Fans

During the press conference, Min Hee Jin referred to fellow HYBE group LE SSERAFIM, who debuted a few months before NewJeans.

The members of LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter

During the press conference, Min Hee Jin expressed that she felt “betrayed” when LE SSERAFIM debuted because she believed NewJeans was going to be first. She even brought the reaction of the members’ parents into the press conference.

NewJeans members came to HYBE with only the thought of debuting as HYBE’s first girl group. They felt betrayed when LE SSERAFIM debuted first. The members’ parents were also angered by this.

— Min Hee Jin

The members of NewJeans | @newjeans_twt/Twitter

While the reporters spoke about Min Hee Jin allegedly leaking contracts to investors, her response seemed to dance around the issue and focused largely on NewJeans instead.

In her response, she explained that she thought there was a hidden intention behind what was happening as she saw everything she did as a protest to “protect NewJeans’ achievements.

How can a legitimate protest to protect NewJeans’ achievements be an act of usurping ADOR’s management rights? There seems to be some hidden intention that I cannot understand here.

— Min Hee Jin

Min Hee Jin 4

Min Hee Jin seemed very passionate when speaking about NewJeans, but the past few days have left netizens concerned about the group.

Fans Worry About NewJeans’ Comeback Plans Amid HYBE & ADOR Min Hee Jin’s Feud

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HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

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