Netizens Uncover “Pedophilic” And “Problematic” Inspiration That Creative Director Min Hee Jin Favors

Netizens find her problematic.

Min Hee Jin was recently criticized for the styling of her new girl group, NewJeans. She was heavily criticized when eagle-eyed fans spotted a top with an inappropriate term being given to one of the underaged members. All of the members in the group are still minors in South Korea. Minji in particular was spotted in a crop top that read, “Pimp is yours.

The word “Pimp” has always had negative connotations and the dictionary meaning reads, “A man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking a percentage of their earnings in return.

While this was the first real strike Min Hee Jin had with NewJeans, fans have slowly been uncovering what they feel showcase her allegedly “pedophilic tastes” through her past work and Instagram account. For those that are unaware, Min Hee Jin worked for an extended period of time with SM Entertainment. She was later promised a CEO position and creative freedom under one of HYBE‘s sub-labels. Min Hee Jin then founded ADOR under HYBE. Her first girl group is NewJeans.

After a deep dive into Min Hee Jin’s personal Instagram, netizens discovered some alarming inspirations that Min Hee Jin had posted. Min Hee Jin often posts various artworks and movies that she admires and draws inspiration from. This particular one was from a movie about a young girl and an older man with a significant age gap of an 18-year-old and a 58-year-old.

Fans also spotted two posters on Min Hee Jin’s studio walls that were from movies with pedophilic themes.


Close up of the posters from Min Hee Jin’s photo (bottom) and the movie cuts. | @Barbara16664094/Twitter

The poster on the right was from the movie Le Farò da Padre. IMDb summarizes the movie as “an older man plans to marry a mentally-challenged, sex-crazed, adolescent girl.” Fans were naturally alarmed that Min Hee Jin would see such a movie as art.

The other movie is called Salon Kitty, an erotic war film about a brothel being used to spy on the Nazis. Notably, Teresa Ann Savoy seems to be a favored muse of Min Hee Jin’s as she stars in both Salon Kitty and Le Farò de Padre. Her salon also seems to be dotted with sexually-charged art.

In another photo, netizens spotted an LP of Histoire De Melody Nelson. The album narrates a pedophilic, illicit romance between a middle-aged man and a 15-year-old girl.

This is not the first strike Min Hee Jin has. Previously, fans of various groups voiced their concern for her past management of underaged idols. As the accusations against Min Hee Jin continue to stack up, it’s unsurprising that many are worried for the NewJeans members as they are not only all still minors but also the first group that is managed directly by her.

Source: theqoo