Min Hyo Rin Responds To Claims That She Recently Gained Weight

She voiced it out on Instagram.

Actress Min Hyo Rin recently attended a fan signing event, where many netizens claimed that she gained weight since her wedding with BIGBANG‘s Taeyang.


Dressed in an oversized black coat and bright-red plaid dress, Min Hyo Rin looked stunning as ever! But netizens and reporters commented that she had gained weight.


On her way home after the fan signing event, Min Hyo Rin hosted her first ever Instagram live session with her fans. There, another fan commented that she had gained weight but Min Hyo Rin set them in place by claiming that she hasn’t.

“I didn’t gain weight.”

— Min Hyo Rin


She clarified that she hasn’t gained weight and that the photos just made it seem like she did. She also confessed that those kinds of comments hurt her feelings.

“I’m a little sad that people say I gained weight.

I didn’t gain weight, so I don’t know why the photos came out like that.”

— Min Hyo Rin


Perhaps it was the coat or the lighting, but many other photos taken from the same event show barely any difference between her weight then and now.


But really, who cares if she gained or lost weight! Min Hyo Rin looks happy and healthy as ever!

Source: Osen