[★BREAKING] Mina revealed to be dating idol member with 17-year age gap

Singer Mina (43) and Ryu Philip (26) of SoREAL have been revealed to be dating.

Mina who debuted in 2002 with her song “Pick Up Your Phone” was born in 1972 while Ryu Philip who debuted last March was born in 1989.

The two met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in June and soon became a couple. Despite their 17-year age difference the two have allegedly said that they are not affected by the gap.

An official at Star Empire told News 1, “Ryu Philip joined the army two weeks ago and we’re very surprised that such news broke out while the person in question is in the army. We will confirm with him and come back with further statements.

Source: KMIB and News1 

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