Mina’s shoulders got more attention than her dress at the Gaon Chart Music Awards

She pulled off a very bold look.

TWICE‘s Mina showed up on the red carpet of the 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards and wowed the crowd with her bold look.

The dress she was wearing was certainly beautiful, and it led to fans comparing Mina to Giselle from Enchanted.

However, something else overshadowed the gorgeous dress, which was her open shoulders.

The dress she wore completely exposed her shoulders, allowing her to flaunt her gorgeous collarbone.

As a result, the bold off-the-shoulder look received a lot of admiration from fans:

Several words were used to describe her look including “grace”, elegance”, and “goddess”.

“She’s a total goddess…”


What do you think about Mina’s bold look?

Source: Hanguk Kyungjae