Mina Speaks Up As TWICE Performs “Feel Special” As OT9 For the First Time

Welcome back, Mina!

After 6 months of recovery from severe anxiety and insecurity performing on stage, TWICE‘s Mina has made a full return to concerts for the first time!

Back in July 2019, JYP Entertainment announced that Mina would be taking a break from TWICE activities due to severe anxiety. Since then, while Mina has participated in music videos and photoshoots, her health issues have kept her from performing much on stage.

That’s why fans were overjoyed to see Mina joining the group for the Japan leg of their Twicelights tour beginning in October 2019. However, her participation in the Japan concerts has still been limited.

While she did attend the last 11 Twicelights shows, Mina had been keeping quiet during many of the ‘ments’ (talk time). She also sat down for some stages, such as the “Born This Way” cover and “Feel Special”.

But on February 11, Mina surprised everyone at day 1 of Twicelights in Fukuoka as TWICE performed “Feel Special” as 9 members for the first time ever! JYP Entertainment even uploaded a cam to the official TWICE Twitter account to commemorate the moment.

“Feel Special” was released just two months after Mina’s hiatus was announced. While she participated in the music video and other shoots for the mini album, she was not present for any of the performances.

Up until now, fans have only seen “Feel Special” performed with a formation of 8 members.

But the hardworking TWICE members were able to surprise everyone today with seamless formation changes as Mina joined them.

On top of that, Mina joined in with all the ments at the concert! According to happy fans in attendance, she sounded bright and confident throughout. In her ending ment, she thanked ONCEs for coming and caring for her.

ONCEs have been commending her for her bravery and strength during her long and difficult recovery.

She must have been practicing for this moment for quite some time, and fans are proud to see how far she’s come.

With Mina improving in leaps and bounds, ONCEs are keeping their fingers crossed that TWICE’s next comeback will be OT9 too with Mina returning to her happy place on stage.