Minah wins her first trophy for her solo track “I Am A Woman Too” on “Show Champion”

Girl’s Day member Minah was awarded her first music show trophy on the latest episode of MBC’s Show Champion for her debut title track!

Despite not appearing on the show, the staff came to Minah herself and revealed that her track “I Am A Woman Too” had been awarded as the “Champion Song.” Though speaking softly most likely due to her surroundings, her happiness and overwhelming emotions could still be heard in her voice as she spoke her heartfelt thanks, ranging from her agency, fans, staff and more.

Following up on Show Champion‘s Twitter account, the show left a message that read, “Who was ‘Show Champion’s’ Champion on March 25th? Minah’s ‘I Am A Woman Too’! Minah is the first from Girl’s Day to stand alone [on the stage], and now standing in first place, we would like to congratulate Minah on her #1 ^^”. 

Congratulations to Minah on her very first solo win!