Minecraft Streamers Jack Manifold And Tubbo Go Viral After Trying To “Ratio” BTS’s RM On Twitter

mctwt Meets kpoptwt!

Minecraft Streamers Jack Manifold and Tubbo had no idea what they were in for when they decided to attempt the “impossible” challenge of ‘ratio-ing’ RM of BTS!

A quick definition for you: the act of ‘ratio-ing’ is when someone asks their followers (or even the entirety of Twitter) to make the amount of replies on a tweet a lot larger than the amount of likes.

An example of a Tweet getting ‘ratio-ed’ | Twitter

This story begins with a simple photo of RM in a car, showing off his Louis Vuitton carrot pouch strapped onto a duffel bag.

A few hours after RM’s initial tweet, Jack posted his own selfie with a custard cream biscuit in the same pose.

While his tweet did gain a lot of traction, it didn’t quite hit that million mark! He then tweeted about how crazy it is that another streamer, his friend Tubbo, was able to ‘ratio’ The Church Of England, but he wasn’t even close to reaching the number of likes on RM’s post!

So, Tubbo himself decided to come to Jack’s aid by adding his own reply to RM’s tweet. While his loyalty for Jack is quite commendable, it’s wasn’t a surprise that Tubbo also failed to reach over a million comments.

After that, another one of Jack’s friends Scott Smajor told him that he ‘made a mistake’ by trying to take on BTS, and he ultimately conceded his defeat while making a finger heart.

What do you think about Jack and Tubbo’s silly antics?