Mingyu And Chaeyeon’s Interaction On Instagram Catches Netizens’ Attention

Netizens caught them in the act!

Eagle-eyed netizens have spotted an adorable interaction between DIA‘s Chaeyeon and SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu through their Instagram posts!

Chaeyeon uploaded a celebratory post on her 1 year anniversary as the host of Inkigayo.


Mingyu, Chaeyeon and actor Song Kang had grown closer as they MC’ed the music show together.

inkigayo mingyu chaeyeon

Underneath Chaeyeon’s post, Mingyu left a comment congratulating her on a job well done. Chaeyeon reciprocated the heartfelt message right back!

mingyu chaeyeon instagram 1

When Mingyu uploaded a post to thank the fans for a wonderful 1 year anniversary, Chaeyeon also commented underneath the post!


Mingyu adorably responded with his thanks to his former co-host!

mingyu chaeyeon instagram 2

After seeing these two’s continued friendship, fans couldn’t help but swoon over their cutesy conversations, their combined visual masterpiece, and amazing chemistry!

mingyu chaeyeon instagram comments

Here’s to a long and beautiful friendship between the two!

mingyu chaeyeon instagram

Source: Nate Pann
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