Former “Produce 48” Contestant Minji Breaks Down In Tears While Thanking Secret Number’s Jinny For Helping Her Debut

They were both in “Produce 48.”

Former Produce 48 contestant and current Secret Number member Park Minji has opened up about nearly giving up on her dreams of being a K-Pop idol. She recently left a video message for her fans who supported her since her survival show days.

Minji in Produce 48 (Left) and Minji in Secret Number (Right) | Mnet & @secretnumber.official/Instagram

In an episode of Idol Radio hosted by MONSTA X‘s Joohoney and Hyungwon, she quickly became emotional when she thanked her fans for their endless support.

When I was at the audition program for the first time, there was a fan that even waited for the bus with me. And those few people are the reason why I’m here. We have a lot to show so cheer me on.

— Minji

Minji was a trainee for nine years and a contestant in both Produce 101 Season 1 and Produce 48. After failing to make it to their debut ranks, ending the former at 71st place and the latter at 53rd, she was set to debut in a girl group under M&D17.

Minji in Produce 101

Unfortunately, these plans were cancelled in 2019 which led to Minji terminating her contract with the company to pursue other interests. Despite this, she always dreamed of debuting.

Minji got her big break when she was able to debut in Secret Number alongside Zuu, right on time for the release of “Fire Saturday.”

She opened up in Idol Radio about her increasingly desperate situation prior to becoming a new member of Secret Number. Her debut was thanks to Jinny, a fellow Produce 48 contestant, who introduced her to Vine Entertainment and allowed her talent to shine.

Actually, Jinny brought me to this company when I was on the verge of giving up.

— Minji

Jinny in Produce 48 | Mnet

She couldn’t hold back her tears as she expressed her gratitude towards Jinny for giving her a chance. If she did not give her that lifeline, Minji would have quit her dreams of being a singer.

So thank you Jinny. I want to say that here. I was really on the verge of giving up. Thank you.

— Minji

There was not a dry eye in the room after her confession! Jinny, unsurprisingly, was also emotional.

Check out Secret Number’s “Fire Saturday” music video below.

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