Mino reveals why YG will Never promote MOBB again

WINNER’s Mino broke hearts after revealing that project unit MOBB may not have a comeback due to poor sales. 

On January 10th, Mino appeared as a guest on Mithra’s radio program, Mithra’s Opening night on MBC. Although he opened up about WINNER finally promoting as a group, Mino also expressed that he does not mind doing a solo as well.

Mithra responded to his with a follow-up asking how he felt when was promoting with MOBB, a project unit composed of him and iKON’s Bobby. According to Mino, “Bobby matches me well. It was fun.” However, when asked if the two can ever perform again, he responded with a blunt “No” and explained that Yang Hyun Suk was disappointed with how they ranked.

Despite not ranking well on charts, Mithra understood the situation and consoled Mino that chart results are not important times.

Since his debut with WINNER back in 2013, Mino branched out with individual ventures, joining Show Me The Money and making his debut with the single, “Body.” He also collaborated with Bobby to form YG Entertainment’s sub-unit, MOBB.

Here’s the full transcript of his radio interview: