[★TRENDING] Minzy Reveals She Was Excluded From 2NE1’s Final Project Since The Beginning

2NE1‘s former member, Minzy, has expressed her disappointment on finding about 2NE1’s upcoming release, “Goodbye,” through a news article.

On January 20, 2NE1’s Minzy uploaded a photo of the group together, accompanied with her disappointment in having to find out about the news through a news article, rather than being told directly.

Here is a full transcription of the statement she made on her Instagram:

“It’s a shame that I had to find out 2NE1 will be releasing their final album through a news article. This is very unfortunate as I was previously a member of the group 2NE1, but I share the same feelings as the other members in wanting to show appreciation and bid farewell to everyone for all their love and support of 2NE1. I am truly grateful and sincerely appreciate all the love 2NE1 received and hope for your extended love and support as the members continue on in their individual careers. Thank you.”

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Although the post clearly shows how saddened she was by being excluded from the project since the beginning, Minzy shows that she still loves and supports the other members of 2NE1 and that she will continue to support them in their future endeavors.

Sandara Park recently talked about her memories as a part of 2NE1 and even gave a short preview of their song “Goodbye”.

2NE1’s final song is titled “Goodbye,” written by CL, and will be a song dedicated to their fans sadly, Minzy’s will not be participating in this project.

Source: TV Report