Miryo revealed to be working on solo album prior to Brown Eyed Girls’ comeback

Brown Eyed Girls is doing the complete opposite of disbanding and is, in fact, busy preparing for solo and group comebacks this year.

According to an industry official who spoke to TV Report on June 10th, “Miryo will be releasing her solo album in late June to early July. Ga In featured as a vocalist. Afterwards, Brown Eyed Girls’ group activities will take place.”

Currently, Miryo’s solo album is entering its final stages and will, of course, be of a hip-hop genre.

Just recently, news of Brown Eyed Girls preparing to disbandBrown Eyed Girls preparing to disband was reported exclusively by a media site but the rumor was quickly squashed when the group’s agency denied it and revealed that they are already preparing for a new album release.

Source: TV Report