Suzy reveals how she reacts to hateful comments from anti-fans

In a former episode of Happy Together 3, Suzy revealed that she reads all the comments that netizens write on her. 

Aired on April 2nd, the miss A member made her first appearance on the variety show after a year and four months since her last guesting, and revealed, “I know I’ll get hurt, but I look at all the bad comments about me online. During ‘Dream High’ there was a big controversy about my acting skills and I heard some severe criticism. I was shocked and hurt. I also monitor all the shows I take part in. I know I shouldn’t look at the comments because I know I’ll get hurt but I can’t help it.”

Actress Seo Woo, who was present as a guest as well, upon hearing Suzy’s comment said, “There were times I wanted to quit acting because of the bad comments.”

Other guests included Lucky J’s Jessi, model Yoo Seung Ok, and chef Choi Hyun Suk. The episode will air on April 2nd at 11:10PM KST.

Source: MBN Star