miss A’s Suzy dances to “Into You” in latest practice video

Despite having been busy with her drama activities, Suzy found a bit of time rehearsing some new moves in the studio.

On September 12th, the singer and actress posted her recent activity through her personal Instagram account. She posted two videos of her in the rehearsal studio, dancing along to Arianna Grande‘s track “Into You.”

Those who have seen the video were delighted to find Suzy dancing again. The videos also added speculations if Suzy was indeed returning to the music industry, whether as part of miss A or as a solo artist.

For the past few months following Jia‘s departure from the group, miss A has been focusing on individual activities instead. Fei just released her first solo album, Min collaborated with Hyoyeon and Jokwon for a track, while Suzy remains busy with her acting projects.