miss A’s Suzy speaks up about Lee Min Ho for the first time on “Happy Together 3”

Suzy will be speaking on her newly-revealed relationship with actor Lee Min Ho in an upcoming episode of KBS Happy Together 3.

The miss A member took part of an episode filming of the variety show alongside Lucky J‘s Jessi, chef Choi Hyun Seok, and model Yoo Seung Ok. 

A staff that was present on site of the filming that took place on March 28th revealed to Daily Sports on the 30th, “The situation being what it is, we couldn’t not ask Suzy about Lee Min Ho. She didn’t go into too much detail but when the question came up she didn’t try to avoid it.”

She was quoted saying, “Our relationship is good right now, so please look upon us with fondness.” In addition, she did not forget to mention miss A’s new mini-album Colors, and spoke on the concept the girl group took this time around with the title track “Only You.”

It was previously reported that Suzy would not be speaking on her relationship with the Hallyu actor on the show. However, despite still being asked on the topic, the singer-actress took it in stride and gave a brief statement.

miss A just released their mini-album Colors, and has already topped the charts with their title track “Only You.”

Source: Daily Sports