miss A’s comeback likely for March or April

Music industry insiders have revealed miss A’s comeback and album release will most likely occur in the first half of the year. 

According to officials on January 27th, miss A’s new album is expected to be released between March and April of this year. Should miss A be releasing a new album between those two months, it will end the girl group’s hiatus of a year and six months since their 2nd studio album Hush released in November 2013.

JYP Entertainment further confirmed the news, telling media portal Star News, “We are planning to announce [the release] of the album in the first half of this year. After a long time, the members will come together, so please look forward to their activities. The concept has not been decided on yet, including the details of the album. We are preparing well to give a good appearance.”

Currently, the members of miss A are completing individual activities. Suzy’s latest film The Hymn is set to be released in the first half of this year, while Min is currently active as a co-host on K-Style.

Source: Star News