miss A’s Fei reveals which handsome actor she wants to pair up with on “We Got Married”

In a recent airing of the radio show Old School, miss A‘s Fei revealed who she’d want to couple up with should she get the chance to appear on We Got Married.

Broadcasted on April 8th, members Min and Fei guested on SBS Power FM‘s Kim Chang Ryeol’s Old School radio show.

Bringing up the topic of Fei’s previous involvement in the Chinese version of We Got Married (If You Love), radio host Kim Chang Ryeol asked who she would like to be paired up with in the Korean We Got Married, to which Fei replied, “Won Bin,” but added, “It seems impossible though,” making everyone in the studio laugh.

Kim Chang Ryeol then asked, “Is there any singers in your company you’d like to do it with?”

Fei said, “I don’t know,” but further push from the host, she gave a possible answer with 2PM‘s Junho.

Source: TV Report