Miss $ Kang Minhee to comeback with San E on October 22nd

Miss $’s lead vocal Kang Minhee is to make a comeback with San E next week on October 22nd!

For the past two days, October 15th and 16th, BrandNew Music has held a unique eventhas held a unique event where fans get to choose who Kang Minhee collaborates with on her upcoming single. San E not only produced, but was also featured on Minhee’s single as a result of the fan event.

The agency also mentioned, “Thank you for all the fans who have participated in the event. You will be able to see Kang Minhee’s amazing talents and charms not only as a member of Miss $ but also as a solo singer. Please keep up with your interest and attention for Kang Minhee’s upcoming comeback.”

Stay tuned for the comeback dated for October 22nd!